Is this Theiving rumor true?

ok i heard that when your not facing the person your theiving from (like their back is against you) u have a better chance of success. true or not?

Yes. :biting:

It sure is…

ok. my friend told me, but i wasnt sure. ty for telling

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Nope. y

o really wow i never knew that ty

lol apparently you’re wrong :butthead:

Not to my knowledge. For me I am successful either way…and not from either way.

I haven’t really found a difference…

Thats true, and it owns too.
I love theiving from stalls/people.
It is like this is my purpose in life.

It actually does work I think. I tried it a couple of times. I tried pickpocketing a Hero from the front, and I got stunned plenty more times than if I pickpocketed him from the back I got much more less stunning. May be just purely down to coincedence. Who knows.

you are wrong…sorry

Lol, When I pickpocket gaurds they don’t even stun me, Well not for a while. I was right in front of one for like 10 minutes and i got 2k from him before he stuned me( stupid gaurds)

Haha, no, it’s not true at all. Trust me, I’ve got 86 thieving :wink: … It’s been a while since this rumour was last passed around! Jagex have also confirmed that this rumour is not true :slight_smile:

I have absolutely no idea.
if you want some tips while theiving, when nicking grey wolf furs from the fur stall in ardy, try locking the fur seller in the house immediately south of it.

If that worked, then try doing it with guards and ardy knights! trust me it makes theiving a lot easier, as long as some1 dosent open the door…

you 100% sure?

yea i dont think its true i mean if it was ud see everyone behind the guards also runescape prolly wouldnet give an “unfair” advantage like that:liar: