~It's Me, Dilson!~


Well this is me,

This pic was taken about 10 mins ago
and this one below was taken in New York in august last year


Ha its you! :stuck_out_tongue: nice hat :wink:

Nice fake ;).

Meh… Take off that halloween mask so we can see your real face! xD Joking =P.

Nice, dude. Like Frenchy said ‘Ha! It’s you’ =D.

First pic, your hair looks funny. It makes you look young.

Second pic, you look older then the first one for some reason. The hat makes you look funny. But it reminds me of East Side Mario’s and makes me hungry.

Mate, how old are you? 12? 13? Tell us =).

The second picture looks alot like you’re about 14-15. First 12-13.
Am I right?

new york rulez!
yeah you do look like 12 tops :stuck_out_tongue:

your hair is out of control man lol

I was 14 in both, i just grown my hair now for the 1st time in … 6 years o.O
NOTE: I was in New York 20 days after my B’day…


^^ Ahh, 'kay =P. You look like 12-13.

Lolz o.O, You look like my 11yr bro in the 1st one.

What is this? A New York Party Hat or something? Lol, nice pic and thanks for sharing. :smiley:

Im pleaed i look 11, a bit o.O

Im 5"8 so i doubt i look much like him.


You look like someone I know…do you live in~EDIT SINCE HE ANSWERED~
Dude, you stole my hair-do. I do my hair like that!! It looks good :wink:

  1. I don’t live in that place
  2. I didn’t steal your hair style :wink:
  3. I know i think it looks good aswell
  4. WTF, i like posting the number 4 :open_mouth:


EDIT: Woh, i have two twins; Alias and Magey :open_mouth:

Why do you like familiar then…?

Yes, you did steal it :tongue: Still looking good :rotfl:

This is me like 15mins ago when i was talking so Snuffle, im gonna publicly embarres her by quoting this from the convo :wink:
“ur cute :P” Snuffles wrote that :stuck_out_tongue:

And apparently i don’t look 11 anymore :smiley: woot!


:o Public Huimilation, Meh

Wow nice picture.
I never tohught of you that way.
thought you’d be older looking.
Anyways there still good pictures.