Its my birthday and I can have a drop party if I want to!!!!!

Hey all… Its my birthday on April 22th (A saturday) Here is some information on the drop party.

My runescape name: nerdjock
World: 61 (Seattle) (Free to play world so everyone can join the DP)
Time Zone: (GMT -08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada); Tijuana
Time the DP is held: 4:30 PM
Date the DP is held: April 22th 2006

PLEASE be there, this drop party will be a lot of fun especially if everyone brings something. It is highly appreciated if you bring 10k + of stuff (or pure money for all I care) If you bring nothing you wont get in any trouble but just be a good DP “contistent” and drop some goodies. Accepting any B-Day presents you wish to give me also :smiley: :smiley: :D.

Well hope to see you all there!!!

P.S. I’m bringing 100k… PURE MONEY… Not a ton but I think you might be a little excited if you pick it up… Especially if your a beggening player.

usually if you arrange a drop party you bring more then 50k…so wait till you richer and I just wanna warn you people are gonna flame this topic because asking to bring 30k each

Alright I’ll put out more and make them have to bring less. Thanks for the hint I’ve never held a DP before…

yeah a fe wmore things dont drop pure cash drop rune items or something and dont make any1 bring anythign just tell them that if they want they can cause people wont come or they will come and not drop anything any way

dp,s bore me

Note: If not enough people come I will just call the DP off…

i will come i like dp’s but wen i tried to host 1 evry1 sed it was a dum idea so i will come to yours and maybe get sum tips lol.
happy b-day=D

Thanks :slight_smile: glad somone is happy bout’ a drop party…

Call it off, not enough people on RSR will come. Post on a diff. forum.

i suggest you should attend some good dps and learn how its done and how rich you gotta be for people to attend

Happy EARLY Birthday. :smiley:

Ya, sorry its called off… nobody is wanting to join really.