its not showing all my stats look! Rune web thingy

< My sig why carnt i see other stats! I WANT SHOW OTHER STATS!:eek:


well becouse your ovisouly not ranked in those yet you must have 30 in level too have it ranked then it will show

how do i do this?:smiley:

He just said, any stats below level 30 are not shown.

Not entirly true some skills like combat skills like attack need to be higher then 30 to show.

Defence is 40! strenth is 50 and attack is 50! on my account so why aint it working! :eek:

because those arnt on the highscores, just because a skill is over 30 doesnt mean its on the high scores. Keep training and all of them will be on there

The minimum for strength to be ranked i believe is somewhere between 50 and 56.

yeah, they’re really high…i had 50 defence and wasnt shown lol…you can just enter them yourself as well, though

I rele rele Know lol. already. :smiley: