It's over........It's finally over

I’m gonna go sleep for a few weeks now.

gratz on that m8

Lol! Congratz!!! Make some big cash after a couple weeks, eh?

good job happy fishing sharks

Congratz,Sharks big money.

try and get 80 cooking then the cash will really come in!

nice! good job lobbies pay off in the end but trout and salmon are faster at shilo

Good Job on 76 fishign… NOw the $$ rolls in! :slight_smile:

Grats Command, just remember to sell raw to those cookers on the forums, they buy for 1k ea and theyre waaaay easier to sell then cooked.

Gratz! I just got 60 lmao… And i saw someone named commando1214 while woodcutting yesterday

i am only 69 fishing =/

Oh that name stealer :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job. I’m really far away from that level. I’m still trying to get into the fishing guild.