Its time to clean up this mess

Over the past few days everyone is aware that a few mods have been hacked, spamming has increased and people are now impersonating mods. People who use RSR in a good way are getting worried, sad and angry.

People are starting to comtinually spam and make rude posts about mods. Why is this though? Mods don’t deserve to be treated like this, they do a hard job in which they get nothing in return for. And why does the whole RSR community deserve to be spammed and hacked by people who think its funny? RSR deserves better.

There has been too much confusion and bad events. RSR needs to clean up now and make sure things like this don’t happen again. Some ideas I have in mind are to check the ip of every mod, everyone accused of being a hacker, all the spammers and all the fake mod accounts. Ip block every single spammer, fake mod and hacker.

Then I think we should tighten rules and be more strict. I’m sure none of us would like this to happen again and I think that together we can all make RSR a better community.

completely true!(u know who i am lol)

There is no mess. I am a staff member and know what is happening. I assure you there is nothing to worry about. Just make sure your recovery questions are set that only YOU can answer it. Only make questions like ‘my dogs name’ or ‘the colour of my underwear’. Don’t do questions like ’ 22 times 10’ because every1 can answer that.

and the SPAM then? :evil:

There is an outbreak in spammers and more mods getting hacked. Being a staff member doesn’t mean that you know about things that I don’t and it doesn’t make you “superior”

Well, for your infomation. I have acess to all staff forums. I am not superior. But I do no a lot more than u.

Lol I have read the hol, nothing about it and do you have access to the newspaper forum? Could we please stay on topic? Submit your suggestions on what we can do. Man I wish a mod was on right now. That stupid iced earth12354 spammer guy. Its not as if everything is ok because it obviously isn’t.

he spams so many smilies

You mean IcedEarth got hacked too?

Listen, there is no need to panick. Duke had to update the software used for the site and not every thing was carried over to the newer version. He had to update it because of new security reasons. One thing that didn’t carry over is the mod powers, he is trying to fix it and they should be back within the next 24 hours.

So everyone, do not quit because of the spamming because it is only temporary. I promise you, we will clean up what there is when we can.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I was confused for a while, thanks for clearing things up :slight_smile:

omg you mean that mods cant ban the spammers and hackers? this is terrible! i can’t wait for things to be cleared up


well i just noticed the avvy’s change size… maybe they should be a little bigger like 150-150 so you can read the words… ?

Ya avatars do look a bit weird.

It was getting pretty messy.Thank you for clearing this all up. :smiley:

>_<… Yeah… These dang spammers are really getting on my nerves… It also kinda seems like people are trying to blame people who have high average daily posts… Like me… Someone tried to blame me as a spammer to this because I had like 26 posts perday on my info page… Yeah… My avatar worked at one point… It doesn’t seem to be working anymore though… Thank you mods when you can get all of those spammers banned and this mess cleaned up… Kudos to you guys in advance for making these boards fun for every RS loving fan…

That would explain all the spam… Now everyone knows how much the moderators do, and how much they should be appreciated… All you spammers who live in michigan, watch out, cuz I am on the lookout, I may be a calm soul in the computer, but I am one mean mother in the real world, Don’t Enroke The Thrath Of BRYAN! oohh shiny things.

Ok, heres the official version of events.

An outbreak of attack attacks has been bombarding the site for some time, most of the time unsuccesful, and even if they were it was just tiny things.

Then the recovery question attack swept through, and I decided it was time to upgrade the forums and in general the entire site.

Because of the upgrade, the site is now 99.99% secure, with many new features that will be coming out. However, a lot of the stuff I personally harsd coded into the system was lost, and that will take a few days to reintegrate with the system. Mod powers have been restored as of this minute, so let the crackdown begin.

Mod powers have been restored as of this minute, so let the crackdown begin.

YAY… :smiley: … No more spammers… Thank you for all you have done Duke… Thank you for saving RSR… Well heck, thank you for making RSR in the first place… Whew… I’m just glad you guys can finally restore order on this the forums in turmoil… The forums have been tormented long enough and their citizens have suffered greatly… It is now time for the majestic mods to rise once again and vanquish evil back from whence (sp?) it came… I say, back foul demons and be frightened those who fight for this spamming darkness… Akuryo Taisan… (Uhh… Scratch that last phrase…) Well… Again, thanks for everything Duke, you are truly a hero amongst the people who visit RSR frequently… Ok, sorry for making this speech sound so lame… I’ll do everyone a favor and shut up so more intelligible people can post their more relavent opinions…

The warning system hasn’t been restored yet, so don’t get all super happy yet.