Ive been accepted!!!

Tonight i got a letter in the mail from www.poetry.com . They sent me the letter because i was selected with my poem “heartache” (first ever!) to be in the finals of a contest. I get my poem published in a book and i get a chance to win $50-$1000 dollars!!!

hurrrrray well done dude 8O

Nice man!! awesome job!

thats awsome

thanks. My mom said to me “did you see the mail yet!?!” and i was thinking: crap, shes got my interim but she showed me the thing from poetry.com

nice! ive red ur poems and u do hav talent.

hey congratz! :smiley:

congratulations!! hope for the big prize!!
i myself win stuff playin basketball

Nice job! You’re a good poet!

nice job! congratz!!! :lol: :lol:

Add one thing to the checklist of things you would’ve missed if you had killed yourself. Did it feel good to get that letter? Imagine a couple years down the road when you get that letter that says they’re publishing your book of poetry. Or better…


awesome! could you post the poem?

Congratz man. Hope you win the big one.

:twisted: rock on dude :twisted: hope u win

Congratulations man on getting accepted man. That’s just so awsome :smiley:
Is there anyway we can help you win the comp?


oh wel done i hope you do well

thanks all

No theres nothing you can do :frowning:

you could shoot the judges and replace em with you guys, but i have no idea where in hell the judges are so oh well…

hmmmm, now with $1000, how many months of membership on rs can you buy? lol :smiley:

good job on that!

could you post the poem that you wrote