I've been hacked!!!!

i’ve just tried to go into my account but my password didn’t work :!: i used my password recovery questions and got back my account but they still took 55k, rune long, rune pic, full addy, 750 coal and a lot more. waht should i do :?: Can someone help me :?: :cry: :x :frowning: 8O

try to get over it, i mean thse items arent worth milions :wink:
but yea, each case its still some pretty good stuff

did add i guy named moneybags???

i heard that he can hack everyone!!!

ps:how do you get you`re skills as signature???

if u give your password to anybody u r stupid, and if u didn’t you probaly tryed to download a cheat or an autominer or something which had a key logger

u know what, i also got hacked but i lost many more things than you did,and now im getting all back, even though i didnt recover a tenth of what i had, im over it. its like starting again.