I've got it I know how they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found the source of the " flax autos " !! i was browsing on yahoo for Runescape 2 cheats (DO NOT DO THIS) and a certain site said the yhad some and i went there and it was called “auto-clicker” i read more about what it was and it says it can auto mine, auto wc, and auto flax. Then norton said a virus was tryin to get in on my computer so DO NOT look up rs cheats! It’s totally retarded and I only did it to see which cheat they were using to do it. Thanks.


Yeh everyone knows this.

oh ok lol just thought i’d make sure.


if you werent going to use cheats why were u looking that up?
i know your now thinking im stupid for asking that, but people would do that TO GET cheats.
serves em right for trying and getting a virus.
those who care wouldn’t look it up.

if any1 can translate that ill give them 1mil

your quite dumb…people want to know scams before they happen to them and its not his fault he wasn’t as careful as he should have been

eggs actly

I’m pretty sure the only autoers that work are the ones they sell. I mean who would waste their time making it to give it out for free.

actually most are free ive looked them up most are free its kinda liek why do peopel make other peopel sigs for free

oi shut up lol i couldnt possbily get hacked i got too many anit-viruses. And I didnt download it. i was lookin at the auto click and it said 1 was tryin too.

never say never i thought i had the perfect defence

Like…omfg=oh my fricken god

If you werent going to use cheats, why were u looking that cheat up?
I know your now think Im stupid for asking that, but people do that to get cheats.
Serves them right for trying, and ending up with a virus.
Those who don’t care for cheats wouldn’t look them up.

If any one can translate this I’ll give them 1 million gp.

If this translated if so can i have 1 mil :slight_smile: jk
message me on blinkspure whenever if i get it

have fun losing ur items…

hey im not a cheater i was lookign too see what all i would find

I also looked runescape cheats up once (just for fun) but I couldnt find anything, and when I went to make homework on my dads comp some days later I saw a program I didnt knew he had it its called a ghost mouse. I asked him why he had it he said he used it for his work I dont remember for what he also said you could easely download it for free I tried it once on a level 3 account and it was really easly but I deleted the program after that.

P.S. dont try this becouse the level 3 account got banned that same day.


many of ppl are already aware of this…

like i said before im not going to get hacked jesus mods pls lock this since nobody understands what i just said in the first post to them.

come… omfg se voi andare werent usare le frodi perchè era la u che osserva quella in su? conosco vostro ora pensare im stupid per chiedere che, ma la gente abbia fatto quella PER OTTENERE le frodi. destra di em di serv per provare ed ottenere un virus. coloro che la cura non lo osserverebbe in su.
can i have 1 mil now?

what language is that. spanish ?

Ummm actually, your dumb but im dumb too… they are not autoclickers and stuff. THere are things called auto-bots. They run scripts to complete the command. I did this 2 years ago and got IP banned. (my proxy wasn’t working that one faithful time) Good thing it was a week before i moved cos i got a new internet provider and a new computer and an awesome new house! anyways, don’t ever do this ok guys?