I've just been dumped :P

Well it’s time I’ve been dumbed and now is a bad one!

Ive been dumped 9 times. That’s life…

Been dumped 6 times by one girl… =P asking her out again when she gets back from camp…

Love stinks.

I’ve never been dumped in my life, Im always the one that does the dumping. =P


Been dumped by a girl i loved truely ( and sadly still do a year after ) after dating her 9 Month

Also Dumped a girl who loves me truely ( and still does a month later ) ive been dating her 10 month

ive been on both sides of the fence – just know this, their are VERY GOOD reasons why theyve dumped you, if there isnt, it was just puppy love

God-Chaser, I think it might be time to throw in the towel. :slight_smile:

Jesseeast and chuck amuck, you have till tomorrow to reduce sizes of your sigs.

I just broke up with my girlfriend that I went out with for I think it was 8 months, maybe longer. But yea, it isn’t always the greatest thing, but you just gotta move on man. Don’t go all bad and get depressed and like go suicidal, it’s not a good feeling.

Me, I worked so hard to get with this and then realized it wasn’t worth it, so I broke up with her. I’ve been dumped alot before though. You just have to move on and not get depressed like Iced said.

Ah :censored: I think all of my loves have just been “puppy loves…” Rrgh lol oh well… I had this one latino chick… She was… Damn! Lol I acutally liked her… But I think she only liked me because I’m hot ;)… She broke up with me after 7 months…


Yah… except I already went suicidal on it…

-In the hospital.

That really doesnt help…
Hey anyway as one of the oldest and most wise here, jesse dont worry bout it, as they say there is plenty more fish. Love dont usally come this early anyway so enjoy the feeling and move on. We all get dumped once in a while even chuck, and if she was the right one she wont of dumped u. I know its gutting but its life take it like X-God does hes got the right attitude

:hissyfit: whaa whaa its happened to me b4 get over it–and she was hot!!!

she was hot

Relationships based on these never work =D

Lol…the shortest relationship ive had was for 9 days.


Read this, after your done you will know what True Love is, or at least have a very good idea – that used to be my AIM profile, it has alot of love related stuff in there, feel free to look around!

Dang, I’m sorry to hear that you got dumped…good luck recovering from it…I’ve never had a girlfriend so I don’t know what you’re going through…

Sorry to hear it… Well hope you find the right person!

man ive been threw some sh** and dam bro i mean some jerry springer shows. but what can i say i moved on. i loved this one girl for a whole year dude i had classes with her and everything help her out and stuff well turns out (shes was a freshmen like me) she turns around and like this 7 grade kid vary imature and i get left out ! she started to like me and then this kid comes back to actually hit it (you know what i mean) so what do i do. comon now i knocked the mother beep** out one hit all it took. what happen then nothing the girl hated me made me feel like sh** but it was well worth. plus that kid has total respect for me now and knows not beep** with me, lol thats just one story. (this was true story) dont worry i guys im over it and now im a junior what! hell yea

shoot… that is almost like it was with my ex-girlfriend… before we went out i would help her out in wood-shop. (no idea why she took that class) i helped her make everything she needed. but when then she took all of the credit. but what the heck i didnt care. we went out for 3 months and i had to dump her. she was so nit-picky. we had hardly anything in common… (plus i found out she was going to dump me for some man a year older than her. well i dumped her before she could dump me) actually i think that was a bad choice. her best friend threw her purse at my head at a foot ball game. i swear she keeps a brick in her purse…

(plus i found out she was going to dump me for some man a year older than her. well i beat her to the chase)

so you dated the guy she wanted to date??? dont you think thats a little too drastic???

My last girlfriend i asked her out before i knew her last name :slight_smile:
That relationship lasted a whole month! (surprisingly…) Lol