I've searched help all over the place!

Please pikers out there, help out to see if i can make my own pker, i am searching for help about ideal stats, good cloathing, etc etc, can anyone help out? :roll:

a good, solid, and cheap pker is the 0 def pker who raises atk to 40 and str to 70+ while keeping a combat of around 37. Their iron armor is cheap and with pro item to save ur sword. Also u will have an uber hp level. Use ur genies for hp becuz u dont want ur newb to get 3 hitted. Pkers shud use rune schimmys not 2hndrs. Also always wear a str ammy even at lvl 3. U can newb in style.

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Interesting… It really depends if your a member or not, if your a member just go only range with 40 def and 40 attack and you will slaughter when you hit 80+range, probably even before that. For f2p, either pure mage, or for melee, get more strength than attack (by about 10+ levels) and more attack than defence (10+levels)

i have my str 5 lvls above attack, and 10 above def. i wear ammy of str and my best armour, and food tuna or better.
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