J.T.'s WebSearch Challenge -- 50k

Welcome to Jtg920’s WebSearch challenge. Occasionally, my mind decides to go crazy and create a project that will play with your minds. The object is to supply me with a website that can supply information to my query. If you can successfully do that, you will win 50k.

Your Task

There was a greek god named Aesclepius. He was well known for his use of medicine to help the weak and cure the ill. However, his one flaw in his services was the fact that he brought people back from the dead. This is a sin that was unforgivable by the gods; zeus killed him.

So, what do you have to do? You have to find a myth from another culture that relates to the story of Aesc. in the fact that he went above what a human should do and began to work in godly ways – a thing no mortal should do.

Use the internet, books, encyclopedias, parents, friends, whatever…

Post your link ot a myth or info about a myth that relates to the criteria above.

Good luck! Namaste, May the force be with you!

–50k to the first with information that I agree fits the criteria of the WebSearch. All answers must contain a link. ANY posts that do not partain to this search will be deleted.

This search will end on November 21 at 6:00 PM EST.

It’s tough being the pack leader…

There is a fine line between “joking non-humility” and “egotism”

Does Jesus count? He came brought back from the dead and he was killed… but I suppose he wasn’t an official doctor and wasn’t killed because he could save people…

Theological quiz: Gotta love it.

Airyaman would most closely resemble the God in question of the Greeks. Airyman was the “healer” God brought forth by the Persian empress God to cure 99,999 diseases.

Later, Airyaman utilized his knowledge of healing to cure the evil Conjunctial spirit, and was cast down to hell as a demon.

The Gods are virtually identical in life, in serving, and in death. I’d be glad to take any other quiz of this nature you want to throw out.


If you need a site to back up the “casting down” part of his life simply search under Airyaman Satan.

Leave it to Lokis to answer the mythology question.

I believe you owe him jtg.

Now, Lokis…where have you been???

I can give you a Mayan God that was similar in retrospect as well, but there is not enough documented literature on the web to back it up like there is Airyaman.

I can however send you a fax from the Oklahoma State University library which proves their believe in An Zuir CoCatain the healing God of Corn, if you have a fax number.


Been trying to get through this whole moving business. Lots and lots of packing to do. I’ve been wc’ing like crazy though. Only 66 now, but still trying to raise it.

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So JTG really owes you 100k now, since you have two answers…

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I’m thinking of planning a trip to the Incan Pyramids and Myan cliff dwellings over the next year or two. Interested?

Understanding of course that we would be at the mercy of 2 very sub-culture revolutions and kind of “on our own” in some retrospect.

bring it…after my 10 mil match with net, i’ll have some cash to play with :_)

Keyser didnt start the craze, me and borwn wall did, then me and Keyser then he posted scrab shallenge, etc…

Im sure we all have some cash to play with these days :slight_smile: .

Except you just have a little more cash to play with then I do :eek:

PS: I accept any future chess or checkers challenges you have for me.

No body has correctly completed the challenge… Keep searching!!

MOst definetly. I just need to find a woman to bring with me as well… I’d hate to be the third wheel :slight_smile:

Not even lokis, he even gave you 2 answers?

how a bout frankenstein its a myte(i guess) and he did revieve 1 from the dead so i guess this is a good awnser

FYI, I have enough money to wager 650k for keyser… so shut up! :smiley:

Secondly, Lokis is REALY close… There’s one perticular one I have in mind… not to say that he has to guess that perticular one, but there is such an easy one.

^ Here is a big clue… If you can crack this code, there is a HUGE clue ^

Don’t forget to READ the instructions carefuly…

Good luck…

Sumerian healing god Ningishita, is another God exactly identical in all ways, and in many cultures worshipped as the same god.

To be honest, almost all Veterinarians were the sign of Ningishita on their scrubs as a testament to the early study of medicine.

If that is what you are looking for, there is your answer. But Airyaman is much more interesting, and you said a similar story…not “read my mind”…lol

Oh yeah, a link…um…let me find one:


Sigh. Those are big words for someone who can’t get some 10 year old kid to pay up.

Pride cometh before the fall my friend.