jagex being cheeky

This is in the item controls

Erm? :roll: what lol.

Can’t see it :roll: lol.

EDIT: I can see it but I do not get it?

Yeah, um… what are you talking about?

yeah not gettin it…

were the pic at

cant c it… :?:
++88_____Hee Hee_+88______________________

lol dont see anything either

it sounds interesting! i want to see it! but i cant!

… Can’t see it :frowning:

can’t see it

I can see it :stuck_out_tongue: , i like the amount of runes ya got 8O , i dont really get it :?: .
BTW, nice picture stefnr7! :lol: :lol: :smiley: :smiley:

like wise how did u get so many souls!?!?!

people get a better graphics card or somethin i can see it perfectly
dude how could someone get 5000 soul runes

its fakE??? still its really gud

omg u lot are dumb lol, its obviously fake.