JaGeX, just getting a little lazy?

Abyssal deamon

Shifters (outpost mini game)

Not only do they look alike, they have the same attack style, and they both tele port to and from you.


wow, quite a diffrence eh?(they do the same heal style when they get low)
Despite the new updates (which are great), they can’t make new monsters, they just color them in…
This isen’t alot of proof but it will be updated tomarrow, now im off to bed.
You don’t realy see it with these pictures, but ill update it later.
Hai2u goku dinky night.

doh, i just logged on and into world 36 when i saw you werent there :stuck_out_tongue:

wanna log back in real quick?

and boy do they look alike… hmmm… connection!!!



er…sure ill be on in a min

Yeah , they getting a little lazy, but atleast a new monster is like the spinner and delfier thing. :smiley:

Wow, they look alike and same attack style. I guess they ran out of ideas and are just been lazy to think of new monsters. I kinda noticed the demon one.

Good find dude.

I think that maybe abysal demons made out with jagex staff and the void monsters are the creation 0.0?

p.s. thx jack for the kick ass deal :wink:

JaGeX is also greedy and a bunch of … yeah, all they want from you is your money. -.- Great find too. :smiley:

hmm… the random event “evil chicken” and level 3 “chickens” have an amazing similarity too… We must investigate!!!

but seriously, why make monsters that look almost exactly alike, its like wtf carblimey m8?

gasp they look all different to me…I think jack had a little bit to much crack today…you gotta stop…jk jk yeah I cant believe jagex is getting lazy it just make me want to play even less

jack has crack of course, but he IMMUNED to it…pfft i wish i had that super power…

anywho, forget about the donkeys and mules…

uhh great find…theres probably more that they made look alike. but we just dont know…good research kekekeke

maybe they’re supposed to look like the other monsters that like turned bad or something…

wow i just reliazed that! they do look quite similar. they also look the same in color too. both abby demon and shifters have the red stripe going in the same way across to the back of their heads. hmmmmmm…

yea i have started to fade away from runescape because nothing is really changing yea the new wildy update is nice but what about the monster they need to update them maybe put a new lower lvl 1 closer in the wildy so noobs can kill it who knows but if stuff doesnt start to improve i dont think ill be around much longer and ur TOPIC just proved it

Lol, I never realised the Brawler looked so similar to the gorilla. I knew of the shifters… They’re getting a tad bit idealess…

wow…i never really noticed that…

Never noticed the brawler and goriller similarities (Not done monkey madness though).

I noticed the abby demons and shifters though. Thats just annoyingly similar.

good find jack, wonder if they are going to have new monster…blue knight…like white just blue =p

astounding “proof” you carry into this office. i want to see them and observe them yet again more intently.

Your absolutely right- and the shifters were horribly obvious. I diddn’t consider the brawlers at all though!
The void night clothing is ugly BS too :mad:

yeah man! ur right now that i take a little closer look.