jagex not banning?

on world 56 and another of the san francisco servers there are two hars. workwoman001 and workwoman002 buying out deaths all night long. deaths are my main income. why wont jagex ban them. i report them every time i can. for te last 3 days
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why did you report them? What did they do?

oh yeah… the were macroing. both are owned by same person (look at names) niether ever talk. must be macroing.

60% of world 2 is macroing…
you dont see yjagex ban them?

Jagex are crazy, once i reported someone 10 times and he didn’t get banned…

If none of u haven’t noticed… jagex very rarely ban members they get like 1 thousand warnings then get banned!! But yea if i were jagex i would ban every1 who did it if there is actual proof not just that they don’t talk! They might have their chats off so they don’t get annoyed by noobs who talk 2 u 24/7!!


Your right, many people dont get banned bt JaGeX, tis very weird.

JAGeX ban more people then you know. There are literally millions of RuneScape players, and just because you see two that are breaking rules, you think JAGeX is lazy? But then you see loads of people breaking rules, and now you’re sure JAGeX are lazy. RuneScape always has over 30,000 people playing, and most of the time much more. Even if you see a hundred rule breakers, can you honestly call JAGeX lazy? Player Moderators aren’t on 24/7, and many people abuse the Report Abuse system, thus only a small amount of Reports are heard. Constantly Reporting the same person for the same thing is only going to get banned slower.

JAGeX ban quite alot of people a day, more then they should considering they are very busy with other matters. Try running a small buisness, even 10 times smaller then JAGeX. You will find it harder then you think ;).

I think you should have thought more before you posted.

Lol Jagex does ban, ive had many of my accounts banned. Only one of them unbanned me when I appealed. Ive ben banned for, offenseive language “selling monkey testicules”
Ive ben banned for macroing on rsc a long time ago. Ive ben banned for item scamming “not true” and having an offensive name. Ive ben banned for absoultly nothing before, jagex didnt even send me a message explaining why I was banned, I think it was out of error or some thing…

Jagex bans people all the time… As a regular player Jagex often does not have time to look at your abuse reports… But as player mods every single report that they send are looked at buy jagex staff and are dealt with accordingly… You also need hard proof of them breaking rules… it is almost impossible to tell if people are macroing… Unless they admit it, its all up for debate… also just because the names are similar doesn’t mean they r the same person… I know some people who have basically the same name but they’re not the same person… dont be so quick to accuse as abusing the report system is also against the rules…

And also jagex listen 2 members more than non-members but members hardly ever get banned for lil’ things that non-members get banned for like swearing and scamming! But i kno a few people who have been banned for nothing or been banned for some little thing even tho they have proof of other people hacking them or other people!!But i have never been banned even tho i swear like 24/7LOL


Yea well said Azgolar…! I aree with him. They try so hard to keep the game alive ifrst of all, and to update it nearly 4 times a month. I say they are duin a good job on it! :slight_smile:

Him? I thought Azgolar is woman. Well, anyways, I agree with Azgolar too!

he/shes right. they work real hard to keep up with everything, and i bet all of us combined would crash runescape in less than 20 minutes.seriously! :slight_smile:

auto clickers does not give a surious advanage in the game so jagex might just ban the more important stuff

im not talking about auto talk… it is auto clickers.

w0t 1s jedex?? aha! jedex are mean!

them 2 could have been owned by 2 friends talkin privat chat

any1 gt any ideas on wot i can say 2 runescape on apeal a ban cz i gt banned 4 sellin an account plz tell me if u do

I’m going to have to call “BS” on that…

I was scammed 10m, called a guy a noobtard, and the next day i was banned… I posted it on the forums, without a warning… banned…

now just a week ago i was in world 2 trying to sell a blue mask, and i got banned again for “spamming” the chat screen…