jenkins' awsome shop


coal below 1k 130ea-above 1k 150ea
iron below 1k 50ea above 1k 65 ea
silver below 750 150ea 750-1500 200ea 1500+ 250ea

gems uncut
sapphire 350ea, above 50 400ea
emerald 700ea, abover 50 800 ea
ruby 1k ea abover 50 1.2k ea

gems cut
sapphire 250 ea above 50 300 ea
emerald 500ea above 50 650 ea
ruby 850 ea abover 50 1k ea


steel bars-500ea 525 ea above 1k
silver bars-200ea under 500 250 ea above 500

steel 30 ea


logs 50 ea
willows 30ea
yews 225 ea

mith bars (i only have a few)
i also sell an assortmen of rune items and runes

rsn xfourx

a friend of mine deadtoffee is also selling fletching materials and food

i am now selling in addition to everything else 121 law runes

ill sell u 1.5k of willows for 45k


i would take them but 45k is to much
way to MUCH

ill buy willows 40k!volc

im not buying willows im selling thebm but im out of stock and itll be a while for more

bump… im still buying and selling everything listed but not so much the normal logs any more

bump i really need that silver ore guys

special request for silver ores

im now buying bigbones i need 2k of them…250 ea

does any1 cut maples?