Jezz Bounty Hunters Inc. (u name em' i slay em')

Thats right at Jezz Bounty Hunters Inc we will kill any one want.

only 3 simple rules and i will get back with you asap with a screen shot of him dead

Only kill LVLs 70 to 50

  1. Name
  2. What Price
  3. WHY?
  4. Your email

Sounds cool, but you can’t count well. “From level 70 to 50” and

ok ok u happy bounty hunters dont have to spell properly :lol: 8)


Kill this guy sir addison he thinks im a theif and that is an insult to me!!!

i want to kill this guy but i can’t and i don’t want someone else to kill him because i want his stuff.

Zabbora lvl 47 weapon of choice is runescimmy right now is on world 11.
I’m poor and i want you to kill him for 1k also i want his rune scimmy.
email adress i’ll send to you on your private messges.

I’ll kill him… Is world 11 F2P? And if I kill him it’s for free lol…

ok but can i have his rune scimmy also he only goes like to lvl 7 wildy so it will be hard if your a lot of lvls higher than him.

I’m eight levels BELOW him… and is he on world 11 right now?

Um… Srry but I’m laggin a ton… I’m gonna restart my comp and I’ll be right back…

Ur only lvl 39, Ok kill me in 55 wilderness…

Ill give u a dragon long if u can killme, lol.

IM 52 levels higher p

Ill pay you to kill me.

Pl0z stop ur sooooooooooo intimidating… You know any other level 39 that hit’s 16’s and can use a rune scim? If you do tell me… I’d like to meet him…

peacewizard0, jezza, and bloodlust22k, this is a warning to all of you for double posting. STOP!

omg damit ! i said that like 3 weeks after lol dam i didnt want a warning!


Jezza, I’ll reconsider your warning because you’ve been a great member of RSR!

lol assasins they never work its not even a good idea most of the time the other player isnt even in wildy or they have privat chat on friends or off so you dont even know that they are on

I want u to kill a guy named Raider Inc the reward is his stuff except rune med and rune chain.I was in the wildy we were frends for about 4 years right.So we were walking all of the sudden he started attacking me and i didnt have food but he was a lvl 61.I WANT YOU TO KILL HIM!!! :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: