:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: JIJIโ€™s REjEcT STORE:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:shocked: :shocked: :shocked: Our motto is: we get rejected you get accpeted!:shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:

Todayโ€™s Specials!!!
Full dragon hide ~ 12k [only 1 availible]
black t leg ~ 45k each [1 availible]
Rune long ~ 18k [1 availible]
Full rune t! 1.1mil [1 availible]
Note. there should be 4 specials per week.

Ess ~ 35 gp each [1000]
Copper ~ 50gp each [max 100]
Tin ~ 50 gp each [max100]
Iron ~ 100gp each [max 400]
Coal ~ 200gp each [max 600]
Mith ~ 500gp each [max 50]
Addy ~ 1k each [max 20]
runite ~ NOt yet availible

Bronze bars ~ 80gp each [max 100]
Iron bars ~ 150gp each [max 100]
Steel bars ~ 600gp each [max 200]
Mith bars ~ 1k each [max 50]
Addy bars ~ 2k each [max 20]
Rune bars ~ Not yet availible

Regular ~ 20gp each [200]
Oak ~ 20gp each [max 200]
Willow~ 35gp each [max 200]
Yews ~ 280gp each [max 200]

Trout ~ 70 each [max 100]
Salmon ~ 90 each [max 100]
Tuna ~ 110gp each [max 100]
Lobsters ~ 250gp each (raw) / 250gp each (cooked) [max 200 for both]
Swordfish ~ 280gp each (raw) / 300gp each (cooked) [max 100]

Air runes ~ 20gp each [max 1000]
Mind runes ~ 20gp each [max 300]
Fire runes ~ 20gp each [max 250]
Earth runes ~ 15gp each [max 100]
Water runes ~ 15gp each [max 250]
Chaos runes ~ 150gp each [max 200]
Nature runes ~ 300gp each [max 100]
Law runes ~ 800gp each [max 100]
Death runes ~ 300 gp each [max 200]

Any armor below mithril.
Please ask for the price of the armor you want. We will also be able to sell seperate parts of armors.

Bones~ 100gp each [max 200]
Big bones~ 500gp each [max 100]
Cowhides~ 130gp each [max 200]

News, events and cool stuff
If your level 85 plus and wish to join a clan go to http://s7.invisionfree.com/crimson_raiders/
and when they ask you who told you about this website/clan say thai930

Orders rules:
Max order of 2 unless if you are ordering coal or steel bars which will be 1.
No spamming
No fake orders
Only taking 4 peopleโ€™s order at once, rest will be qued.
There is a delivery of 100 gp if you wish for us to deliver the goods to you unless you are in members world. If you do not wish to pay that price meet at Fally world 10 to collect your order from blaziken749.

Please answer these compulsory questions to give your order
Rs Name:
Devilry: Yes or no

1.olivers2000 - 1k ess, full d hide

Qued orders:

Orders completed:
1.pk mager af
2.pure raideri

NOTE. we update the shop once per week. (or more)

max on iron bars 140 ea and raw lobs 220 ea i would prefer more than the max but however many you can get is fine

ok iโ€™ll put that on iโ€™ll try to get more but i might not and wats ur rs name?

Max on:
-Cow hides

PM me on RSR once youโ€™re done because I might forget. TY

pk mager af can you tell me your rsn
drawsxam the red can you add thai930 to get your orders
pk mager af your orders ready add thai930 to get it

ok and rsn is pk_mager_af
or 1hit_pker_af

max on reg logs and i think this is going to get locked because the topic is in all caps

wat you mean about caps huh?
and wat your rsn darkbeast

its pure raideri

and donโ€™t worry about the capped thing i ask mod and he said our shop is fine and ok iโ€™ll add it

iโ€™d like max on ess 35k and if the full dragon hide has the body, legs, and vams iโ€™ll buy that for 12k. A total of 47k

ok iโ€™ll add it on and the full d hide is full

aww man, didnโ€™t see oliver beat me to the dragonhide

grommet1131 i only got 1 set but i will try to get another set for you

hey i would like to buy 1k tuna 120 each (cooked) โ€ฆi know that the max is 100 but i want 1k pls im paying over priced too :slight_smile: