Jimbob's goal for 100 combat

This is my goal for 100 combat. I’ll be putting a pic up of every combat lvl i get up.

I’m training it via slayer which i’m getting to 55 then it’s combat all the way.

Right now I’m 5k xp from 73 def and 93cb. I wont put up a pic though.

G’luck with 100 combat, shouldn’t take to long :slight_smile:

yea good luck, man im only 77 combat so far away from 100

you’ll get it no time :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, i hope it wont take too long.

Just got 93 combat.

wont take long just dont get sucked into the game

gl im like 2.5k xp from 52prayer for 89cb or 6kxp from 73hp for 89cb
but i quit my main todya for pures
and a massive good luck wiv it ive always wanted 100cb