Jinzo's Signature Shop

Hi im making sigs, I enjoy making sigs but a lot of time and energy go into them 10K for a normal one, and 50K for animation, if you would like one please leave it in this kind of form.

Main Writing:
Pic: (I can make sigs and animations quick if you give me pic)
Background: " "
Second Writing:
animate: Yes/No

Thank you ~jinzo~

p.s these make take a day to complete, but i return asap also all payments must be in full, also dont ask for one if not, my sigs are example and i made them!

Also reduced prices now from 15k normal sigs there 10k and 60k animation 50k for them now!

sorry for double post but i am ready to make the first one immediatly

OKay Heres what I want,

Pic/Back Some kinda electric guitar

Animate: Yes! Lightning in the background flashing every few seconds (like yours)

Text: ~Live for the strings~ and Stingray2020

Thanks in advance

do u want to pay me in cash or in items

sorry having trouble with comp ill try again sorry you get it for 40k insted!

anyone want a sig next one is 30k!

your is done sting i send you the code through pm

everyone else heres some of my work




reduced prices animation 30k
and normal are now 7k

pic/backround i want 2 lightsabers 1 blue and 1 red crossing each other and i want on 1 side light backround and 1 side dark backround and on the light 1 sayin light and on the dark 1 syain dark. animated yes and on the bottom i want the words sayin Choose Your Path. and all the text in some kind of blue thx

ok ill do that for you soon
any lightsaber or specific ones?

no not really

im currently working on it but i need to get up slayer so it shouldn’t be long!

Here it is where do you wanna met for payment?

sorry for double post but any one want one now!

sorry for double post but now doing avatars to like mine!

jinzo do u like unreal tournament or is one of ur sigs just a random pic?

off topic i like unreal tournament!

ok next time ill private message or send it in on-topic