jmathishd436 buying all ores/bars some higher than keyser520

I buy at the following prices


Rune essence: 20gp ea, please sell at least 500 at a time
Iron Ore: 50gp ea
Coal: 150gp ea.
Silver Ore: 200gp ea
Gold Ore: 250gp ea*
Mithril Ore: 250gp ea
Adamanite Ore: 750gp ea
Runite Ore: 9.5k ea


Iron Bars: 150 gp each*
gold bars: 300 each*(keyser520 doesnt even buy!)
Silver Bars: 210gp ea
Steel Bars: 500 each*
Mithril Bars: 810gp ea* if u have less than 100, 820gp ea* if u have more than 100.
Adamantine Bars: 1.8k ea if u have less than 100, 1.85k ea if u have more than 100.
Runite Bars: 10k ea if u have less than 25, 10.5k ea if u have more than 25.

  • means i buy for more than even keyser520 does!

i can sell u like 150 coal or more,100 gold bars(i can get more,just need time and 125-150 mith ores,but at least 300 gps ea
plz pm me o msn me in game,munfred

lol some of those prices are rubbish but some are gr8 i will sell u steel bars at 550ea

ill sell u 200 steel bars (100k) - my RS name is ben_e_boy0 - message me in game nad ill tell u wen i have them

ah,u also can contact me by posting here

i can sell u 138 iron ores

plz contact catlover275 on runescape

ill sell 121 mith ore.
rs name: Mr. Jek
sickmate 8)