JOBS ( MIner and Smither)

BUying iron 0re ea:100-110
Buying iron bars:150

can i mine you about 1k to 2k iron for 100-110gp each

I can mine 1k iron ores for you. PM me in runescape when you need it. My rs name is mstcn.

i might do some mining for u…add blue astro

i’ll mine you 1k iron ore at 100 gp each

yea i have 500 iron ore and around 50 bars in the bank so if u want pm me…i will sell the ore for 110 each an… my rs name is silent9113

i can get u iron ores, just pm me in rsr

i will mine u from 1-100000ores 4 100-110 ea so if u want maximum it will b 10 mil. how much r u willing to pay? my rs name is death 1180. just tell how many u need and i will get it all by tomorrow

how do i get a profile picture plz.

death do u have an autominer cause thats a lot of ore in 1 day.

u know its illgeal