Jobs Wanted

I’ll do the following for money, or maybe work out a deal. Please post only serious offers
Mining - 51
Smithing - 38
Wood Cutting - 23
Cooking - 24

hey man mine me 2k of iron ores for 20gp each.K

Iron can be sold for at least 50gp…
I buy coals 100gp each always. PM me if you wish to sell some. Also I still got your rune pickaxe if you have the 300 coals now.


I’ll buy 100-500 silver ores for 100 each.

I’ll buy 2k silver ores for 150 each.

I Buying 2k Iron Ores for 100k

2k Coal for 140 each.

1k Silver for 250 each

2k Gold ore 350 each.

I prefer gold ore order first, but i buying all i write.

RSN Royungh

i buy 5k regular logs for 50k

I’ll buy 1000 Silver ores for 200 ea. That’s 200k altogether.