Johnny and the stone

Very short story for writing practice.

“Drop the gem!”
The man shook and trembled in front of them both, ignoring their words and just looking deep into the blue gem.
He looked slowly up from the gem and stared at them both. A dark grin flexed in the corner of his mouth.
“Please….just give it over.”
A loud twang filled the air following a sickening thud.
A arrow shot straight through the man’s head leaving a clear hole for a moment before it was filled with dark red blood. He raised his free arm towards his head but only got as far as his chest before crumbling on the ground.
Twang, thud.
Another arrow hit the body laying on the floor striking it in the side.
Twang, thud. Twang, thud. Twang, thud.
A arrow was already loaded. Johnny paused for a moment looking at his friend before letting the last fly.
Twang, thud.
The crumpled body remained still. Several arrows stuck out from his side and one in his neck. The first few had begun to bleed but not the last.
The other man bent down and scooped up the gem that had rolled in the grass away from the body and place it into a brown leather poach.
Johnny put his bow on his back and walked up to the body and his friend, holding out one of his hands for the gem. “Let me take it.”
The other man stood up and strapped the poach onto his belt. “I got this Johnny, lets just finish it.”
Johnny paused in-between each word expressing them clearly and softly with a hint of anger. “Give…me…the…gem.”
The other man had begun to walk away back towards the path. “I got it Johnny, please control yourself and leave it.” Then with a arm gesture he said, “come on.”
Anger flashed across his eyes. He raced towards his friend and dived into his back. On the ground he grappled him punching his face several times. Blood spurted from the mans nose and his face was filled with pain. Johnny took his chance and ripped the poach for the belt.
Eagerly Johnny stood up and dropped the gem into his hand. The sunlight reflected off its blue face into his eyes. The pureness of it delighted him, drew him.
“Johnny,” the other man stood up and tried to plead with him. “Please, don’t do it.”
Johnny no longer saw his friend he saw his gem and a thief. Looking up from its reflection a dark grin now spread across his face. Again he spoke slowly but with words filled with hate, “with my magic and this gem I cannot be stopped.”
Blue electricity crackled up Johnny’s arm from the stone.
A tear leaked down the other mans cheek. Once more he begged, “Johnny please, its me.”
Electricity had raced towards Johnny’s mind, blue tattoos spread across his face and sudden the electricity had shot back down his arm and out toward his friend.
The explosion combusted the other man into thousands of pieces. Blood and flesh splattered the ground and Johnny himself was blown backwards by the force.
He woke up hours later.
He missed his friend, and he was missing the gem.

Johnny got owned. o.o

Nice story though, first one I’ve ever actually read here.

Well theres not much else to read.
Glad you like. :slight_smile:

its nice
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Holy poopdick this section isn’t dead after all o_o

didnt read l0l

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