Join Clan Haters

This is a new clan looking for some new mages and fighters, no rangers allowed. Fighters should be able to use rune armor/weapons and mages must be able to use fire blast. This is for the time non-members clan. Minimum combat level is 45, max 55. The main food will be lobsters and will be provided by me. If you are interested contact me on runescape, my username is dlugosz. Our main purpose is pk-ing and we try to hate on people as soon as possible, hence our name.

ok, thats a bit ironic

so you are making a clan that hates clans…hmmmmm.

Excactly what I was thinking :?. Besides, this is obviously not going to be succesful. Firstly, the name and purpose is horrible. Secondly, this was most likely thought of in 5 minutes.

nah man. we don’t hate clans, our clan name is haters. we hate on people in the wilderness to get there stuff. We are a normal clan, not anti-clan. So Haters just stands for us hatin on normal players in the wilderness. Sorry about the confusion.