~<~^~>~Join Freedom Pk3rs~<~^~>~

hi im haribo1234 im helping my friend recruit people the reqs r

lvl 60 + combat
lvl 55 + range( non-members 50 range)
lvl 50 + mage (non-members 50 mage)
lvl 60 in any non-combat stat

the clan started yesterday there have 10 members thats all active this is the member list so far

Grantos07–level-80 Admisistrator
Irishboy77–level 72-global mod
Goldknight21–level-67 Admisistrator

Jimbo13–level 91
Zuehlke02–level 86
Gojitarage–level 69
Uninden12–level 63
Leedocherty–level 60
dont no other 2

to join or get more info go on http://freedompk3rz.proboards41.com or contact grantos07 in game

thank you haribo1234
o yeah say u heard from me

not wanting 2 join but u wanna be the black sharks allie?

the leader(grantos)said u already am

keep joining people and say u heard the clan from me

Out of curiosity, where did you come up with the name -.-

i didn’t lol my friend made the clan im just helping him recruit

LOCKED for symbols in title