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Please join are clan we are in need of two Co-Leaders, two Main Generals, two Ranged Generals, two Mage Generals, and Two Combat Generals.

We also need some HTML user for the clan website. Anyone who can lead Fishing, PKing (player killing), Mining Trips is welcome to join!!

Also any one who can enchant jewrely give free please join!!!

Are clan really, really, really wants some help getting started!

:lol: maxy1994 will join ur clan
put me as a friend

I am a combat lvl 48 mage with magic lvl 59. I use fireblast, heal with lobbies and have 44 hitpoints. if interested in letting me join ur clan, it would be cool to be mage general if possible! ALso if i join my mage friends of similar levels will join. message me on runescape my username is dlugosz if i can join