join the Golden Sword

This will be a member’s clan for levels 40 and above, we will have the following:

· Drop Parties
· Regular Pking trips
· Clan Meetings
· Clan Wars

And anything else that comes up in the meetings.

This clan will need:

· Vice Captain
· Pure Knights
· Pure Archers
· Pure Mages
· Miners
· Fishermen
· Squires (for members below lv 40)
· Thieves
· Crafter
· And some one with a high Herblore lv.

If you would like to join please add Penguin_fun and talk to me on runescape, or email me at and if you have msn messenger I will talk to you on there as well.

ill be a miner

i will be the knight i am a lv 43 pure knight so if u are intrest how do i start?

Ill be vice captain! :smiley:

ill be a knigth im combat lvl 58+

ok ur all in the clan world is 60 and the town is argendon ( is that how u spell it :? )

i’m lvl 73 is the clan forum

can i be a squire my lvl is 30? :?:

ya i suppose…ur gunna have to work on those lvs though

:twisted: i’ll be a miner or a knight or a vice captin im lvl 42 strength and lvl 41 attack lvl 33 defence(trainin) and lvl 32 minin(trainin) so wot do u say and and add james19933 on runescape or add 2 ur msn so see ya soon

Im lvl , 44 on hitpoints n lvl 44 on attack , lvl 43 on stenght (or 44 not sure) lvl 43 defence , lvl 22 ranged , lvl 24 prayer , lvl 36 magic , combat lvl : 53 , ill join as a knight if im needed or a mage but i aint buying an oufit… , also i am a member (paided) if that means anything looool , oh yea my runescape account name is : mouthgate , [[NOT]] mouthgate01!!

my friend said he might join…but he isnt a member of RSR…so if u want he might join…he is lvl 67 or 68 i forgot.

u all have to come to world 59 at 5pm AEST…ok ok ok? :smiley: :smiley:

im lvl 60 with a maul

k can u all please join on the forum and ill tell u there. thank you

there is a few minor setbacks on the forum atm my friend and i r tryin to fix it

Ok guys im back sry i was out for such a long time i was hacked and lost internet but im back and ready to make this clan the best =P

hello i will send another message

i have a combat lvl of 64 attack 55 str 51 defence 46 ranging 29 prayer 37 magic 25
runecraft 27 hp 51 agility 23 herblore 13 theiving 23 crafting 44 fletching 30
slayer 23 miner 60 smith 49 fishing 47 cooking 50 fire making 39 wood cuting 54 no farming skill i have 59 q points