Join the new Monkeez clan!

HI, this is kungfumunky and I am here to try to convince you to join the monkeez clan. I am the only one in the clan which i just started but if u want to join email me at . Here are the requirements.

  1. Have munky, monkey, munkey any form of monkey in your rs name
  2. Above lvl 40 combat
  3. at least 40 attack, defence, strength
  4. if ur a pure mage 40 magic
    5.pure ranger 40 ranged
  5. must be a member

i hope you will like to join us in our campaign to become the greatest clan ever…lol

omg omg omg omg omg omg!!! please let me join i soooo luv monkeys!!! and im a a lvl 55 member please let me join!!! please my name is trevman666 contact me please and tell me im in!!!or else :twisted: :twisted:

please let me join i so luv monkeys and i am lvl 55 member…please let me join!!! my name is trevman666 and please contact me at or by trevman666 thanks l8er