Join the petition to open all of the runescape world........

…to F2P members.

I dont know about you other F2P members out there but the fact we are limited to a certain area on the map gets annoying, especially when on a full server. I have many a time gone into varrock and had to go to a less busy world because of the lag. If you F2P members are with on this put your rs name down and I will get Jagex staff to look at the list of names. Also , you could send a complaint about it .

P.S. Whoever is the admin, could we please have a usergroup and a private forum if people sign there names and its popular? thank you veyr much.

-Ryan2390 out

lmao even if ppl do put their names down n u send it 2 jagex they still wont giv a damn

it is not much to pay, and you should be glad Jagex gives you so much of the world and we only get 4 skills. If you want more stuff…PAY FOR IT :evil:

I wish they got rid of F2P and made the whole world members… drools :lol:

if they did that, no one would become a member because they wouldnt be able to try it out first, and wouldnt be willing to pay.