joining any powerful clan

hi peaple i am scorpio20_04 in runescape and here and i wanna join any powerfull clan…i am lvl 60 range,41 def.,56 combat,32 prayer,51 hitpoints,57fishing… and i can really make ur clan a little stronger…i can fish a little for the clan…i am a good clan member …if any clan wants to try me send me a message about it…i really wanna join a clan :smiley: :!: …

hi I am murphy12377 i am starting a new clan it is just me an 5 other people in my clan if you want to join please reply to the wight tigers

ok…do u have a website for ur clan???and im not gonna join till u get more people…so please when u get more powerfull people please tell me then i may join…btw if u made a site i can be a good admin!!! :smiley: :wink:
i wish ur clan succeeds!

i am scorpio20_04 in runescape and here.
my stats are:

fishing:57 (i can fish a little for the clan)
prayer:32 (still raising it)
fire making:32
combat lvl:56
total lvl:571

and i wanna join any powerfull clan…please if u want me to join your clan tell me…btw i am a good admin!! :smiley: 8) …i really wanna join a clan…

no i dont have anny website i only have 5 people because all of my clan was wiped out by a member clan but if you want more people before you join i will get more people

Hey wan’t join our gang i am Mysterio500-Combat=49
Other Members include: Ashg12345-Combat=52
Join today
Any Questions???
Email me at: :smiley:
Only bad thing is website still in construction :x
Too Bad eh. Lol
We see u soon i guess or not and if not then u b doomed to constapation
Mu Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaa…So Plz join i don’t wonna hurt u ding

It is me murphy12377

i have 10 people in my clan

and groing my second in charg sas that there are 10 more wanting to join
so we will have a total of 20

Join Dawn Of Darkness (that is if you havnt joined any of the toehr ones). We have a clan site, , but we dont have many members. We only have 3 members right now, Asiangoku (me), Kman409, and Rangahmitch. We hope you will join our clan and help recruit for us so we can have a powerful caln. If you joined you could be an archery leader.

Hope you will join us!

If you have ny questions either pm me on here(monkeyboy3942) or in game(asiangoku or long1213). Also, if you hav AOL instant messenger message me on there (monkeyboy3942).

b.:Dark Rebirth:.[/b]

We are a friendly clan that has a lot of fun. We will be scheduling PK trips, wars, and other events over Spring and Easter Breaks.

Our PK trips, while not mostly successful, are fun. We sometimes manage to get kills, and sometimes we don’t. We currently have at least 30 active members (Clan Census is still going on), with a lot of our members at 60+ Combat.

-No spamming
-No flaming
-No attacking other clan members or allies on PK trips
-Respect the leaders
-If you are caught scamming, you are BANNED
-If you are caught being extremely disrespectful to anyone, you are put on probation (We can understand minor taunting, like “your stupid ha ha ha” But keep it with that person. ONLY that person. DO NOT BRING IN RELIGION, FAMILY, ETHNICITY, SEXUAL PREFERENCE
-Do not ask to be a leader at any time, nor will you complain about our current leaders (OMG what a noob I could PK him so easily). They are there because they are active and work hard with the clan.

b.:Clan Hierarchy:.[/b]
Leader of Darkness-Zeo Rage- Commands the guild and helps plans events such as pk trips and training sessions.

Captains of Darkness-
Scar Blader, Wavedude1106, Kietaro2, Asiangoku, and CaptainZap. These are our secoundary commanders, and are usualy the leaders of groups in the wildy, and help lower levels become stronger

Dark Legionaries- (Still deciding). These are the people in our guild who are some of the stronger characters. They are the main troops on pk trips.

Soldiers of Darkness-This is the Core of our army. These are the main fighters and support troops that obey the orders of the Captains and the Leader.

Dark Initiate- These are beginers in our clan and help on pk trips as back up units.

Through competiting in our guild, you will be promoted as the leader choses. You can also challenge higher ranked people to a fight if the guild agrees to the fight.


Combat 55+
Must be willing to go into the wilderness at spontaneous times.
45 Ranging
It would be a plus if you had 40 Defense so that you could wear Dragonhide.
Members are free to wear red, blue, and black dragonhide.
Members are also free to use any bow and any arrow.

At least 45 Attack
At least 45 Strength
At least 45 Defense
(Any one of those, so you can wield anything f2p and hit good numbers)
At least one of the strength increasing prayers.
Members are free to wield dragon.

At least 40 Magic
Maybe a decent runecrafting level (14 may be good, if your not there yet, it’s easy to get it)
Members are free to wear mage armor or splitbark.

b.:Clan Events:.[/b]
During clan events we will always use World 23. In the event that 23 is full, we will use world 56.

Show them the meaning of Death.

If you have any questions, either PM me in game (Zeo_Rage) or use AOL Instant Messenger (Jokester10202).


hey…look im gonna join dawn of darkness…hope i be a rangers leader!!!

Thanks for choosing us! Yes, you will be the range leader.

hey murphy ill join the clan AND get it a website if i can be an admin i got 38 mining,37 combat,40 attack,26 defense,25 smithing :oops: ,38 woodcutting,i like magic but am only level 12 cooking is 18 i like redberry pie.

plz can i join plz plz?begs to be in clan