Jolio In Trouble!!!!

Jolio/Ferkahhan is on the verge of commiting suicide. I need proof that we all love him so he won’t do it.Hurry!!!

Jolio, you are awesome. Please don’t leave us. We love you! :smiley:
There are some people who don’t appreciate you, but there are plenty more who do! Please stay!
You have influenced me so much :’(

For how he has influenced so many people to do better in life, and be individual. That, should be enough pride for one man in a lifetime. Jolio, you exceed at everything you do, don’t waste it. For me.

No Don’t Do It Jolio!!!

plz jollio dont we love u cmon dont do it we all love u plz dont

Please don’t take your life! No matter how bad things may be, the Lord can and will help you!
God loves you and obviously people on here love you too!

Stay strong and keep your eyes on Christ!

omfg is this turning into www.cryabout wantingtocommit suicidewellactuallynotwanting tobutsaying iwanttojust

Shut up. This is serious.

You actually think Ferkahhan would kid about suicide?

Go to hell.

Omg now i wanna commit suicide

We need to help this guy. Please be serious!

Are you really that heartless?

He Is Serious! He’s Telling Me Every Detail Of The Stabbing On Msn.

Go here to cure depression: How to kill yourself like a man.

We need to do something to stop him!

Please Jolio THINK about what you are doing! It you go through with this, there will be NO turning back!

Please let us help you!!

You heartless *******.
Glad you’re banned.

Yes very glad your banned!!! YOU’RE EVIL!!! Get OUT NOW! JOLIO DON’T DO IT!

Jolio, i do hope you ban the people using profanity.

What an idiot, joking around with something so serious, HAPPY he’s banned!

Fallon did you seriously stop jolio from doing it! GO FALLON!

I’m… I’m sorry… It was Fallon who reached me…
He wrote this to me.

An individualist who we all admire
Yet, still confused about death
His life will go higher and higher
Instead of an eternal rest

Why waste your life over one man
When you have anybody to choose
Continue your life hand in hand
With someone you love, not to lose

I’ll need some time alone… and to patch my chest up…