Jungle Knight

It took me about 40 mins to get the c4d’s to combine with the brushes to make it look like a jungle. Then it took me 20 mins to do the rest. So it took me a total of 1hr. Personally I think it’s good. I don’t like the text though. All the tuts are for cs2 and I have elements 4.0

that accually looks really kool
did u just get a background of jungle and place a knight there and put a colour layer over it? or do u have a jungle brush, if its a brush, link?
even if its just 2 different renders, looks really good…font could be better though…alot better

I just downloaded some nice brushes. There not specifically for jungles. I’ll give you the link but I mainly used c4d’s like 4-5 in there. Searching for the brush bbs.

c4d’s? whats that


This is the link to the brushes there are 60 so it’s hard to find your way around.

C4d’s are renders that are mainly abstract and are placed in the background and normally blend with brushes.

thats a kool effect though, is there some that accually look like jungle or were u just trying out the brush and your liek “Hey, looks like a jungle” ?

No I thought the render would blend well with a jungle. Yes I did try to make a jungle.

8/10 big fan of the brushing would be 9/10 but render doesnt blend
to well

Yes my feathering tool doesn’t work too well.