just a question

out of Jojo, Emma Watson (hermione granger from harry potter), and Hilary duff, who do you find the best looking, i think its emma watson.

i’de have to choose emma watson…shes kinda hot…butif i had to really choose i would chooose neither…i’de go with lindsay lohan…lol

Well, neither beacause I am gay. Jk, Id have to say Hilary. Although I hate her music. :wink:

I would have to say Lindsay Lohan, lol.
Anyway, isn’t there a rule against pointless titles like…

Hmm, let’s say “just a question!”

Crunkmonkey, this is off-topic and not to be mean or offensive, but if youve ben a member so long why is your post count so low?

Well, I had a period of about four monthes, when I just quit RSR because I was busy.

Also, I tend to write long, and delivering posts instead of short, skimpy posts.

Yeah, I wish my post count was higher.

i hate hilary, :roll: music [stinks], she is an idiot, and idk emma is sorta hot, but i go wit wat evry1 else is sayin. Lohan :slight_smile:

I really don’t know why this competition is between Emma and Hillary instead of the popular “Hillary vs. Lindsay” competition polls… But yeah, Hillary gets my vote… Emma’s not that bad looking and will probably look really good when she grows up but for now, she’s a little too young for me… Lindsay and Hillary are the same to me though I’d probably prefer Lindsay cause she’s more in my age group…

out of that list, i guess i choose Hillary too… though i don’t really care that much… I guess i like Lindsay

in case n e 1 hasnt noticed, lindsay has been rated the number 1 hotest chick in the world right now

Hilary mduff is by far one of the hottest people i know.