Just got full rune, included the story too!

i normally never do this, but i decided to go deep into the wild for once. I had 100 death (im a 68 mage, non-member though :evil: ) i was shooting fire blast. My combat is only 61 but i was in lvl 33 wild when i ran into a 73 with full rune, i didnt know whether i should attack him since he didnt have a skull, he quickly did the work for me by attacking me. I turned on my newly accuired melle protection and faught for like 5 minutes, we both were almost out of food and he ran. I was loaded with binds and killed him at about 25 wildie. i was so impressed.

nice, he should have known not to attack a mage

cool i got full free addy from a noob.

nice. he was stupid to attack a mage, even if his combat is higher, mages own warriors. but anyways, congratz on da full rune kill :smiley:

not in all cases that mages own melee

Lol nice, im training mage soon after my 70 ranged, ahhh lol lol lol lol

What is your ranged lvl?

Congrats and Good kILl!

Wow, nice kill. Full rune is always a nice present to come back with from the wilderness :smiley: Congrats on the full rune pk!

Yeah i’d love to get full rune evy day.r

yeh… congratz on full rune kill… and yeh, most mages own warriors…

63 nearly 64, nice pk

Not bad =P Leave out the part about turnin on the prayer ya prayer noob! Just messin. Keep up the good work!

  1. Giggeh 8)

nice its always a rush to get ur first kill even if its not ur first for some people u just get a rush from it lol

You’re such a lucky thing… The best thing I got was

Rune Kite

Rune Scimmy

Rune Full Helm

And Alot of Swordies.

Nice one… good job! I always try to stay away from mages in the wildy… they may seem weak, but ohh no…!

I’m trying to raise my magic level so I can pk effectively in wildy as a mage. Then maybe I’ll get more full rune pks. :smiley: