Just got Gold edition :D

Well, I just got the Gold edition. I cant play much yet though because my computer is getting more memory and being cleaned at comp USA currently. Im installing it on my dads work laptop right now so I can play till sunday night but then I need to delete it but ile reinstall it on my comp. If anyone wants to play ile post my user name on here once its registered.

Ok, Sounds good. I can’t wait to play against/with you on AOM.

Great news too Flopster. I just got my computer back. Im going to reinstall it on this computer and then im going to play.

is it better than age of mythology the titans? im thinking on buying it…

Gold edition… Doesn’t that have Aom and the Titans in it?

Yea its only 29.99 also.

stupid mac game conversion people only converted the original(not gold) to mac…whats the titans campaign like?

i think there are only 12 scenario… and the last one is very cool, because if you let kronos out, you basically loose, because he comes out and kills you… but they are better than the original…

The gold edition is Age Of Mythology + the expansion, Age Of Titans.

It’s dirt cheap because it’s been out for ages but it’s a good game, I’m too poor to buy the new AOE :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m free to play most of the time, just contact me somehow.