just got photoshop cs2

and i need some help. I created my first image and saved it. But when i try to open that file in the image shack upload thingy it says its a bad file. is there anything i have to do to it to upload it?

is it animated?

its a picture, with some stuff written on it and a smaller picture in the new picture also

but its not animated right?

if its not animated…make sure to save as a .gif

well, acually save it as a .png, good quality and way less space than gif, .gif if fro animatrions

i saved it as a jpg and now it works on imageshack, thx guys but now i got one more problem. How do i find the code so it works for the sig?

Thx for the help guys i got it fixed, so this is my first sig

ye save as png if its too big and its much bettere quality

You should be able to do better than put writing on a picture with photoshop…

~:crazy: spartan