Kaleido-Star... a little effect I discovered

Nice effect, The title says thing you discovered but the tut by hurricane?

~RSR official noob

LMAO he is hurricane oh and i like the tut its and awesome effect

Correct Synther - I AM Hurricane…

Cant duke change your name then??

No. He wouldn’t.
Don’t ask me anything else about that.
EDIT: Here is one I made earlier

ooh yeah forgot about that srry Jolio…

Holy hell! That is superb-o awesome! Too bad I can’t use it on Photoshop :/, it’s really nice.

^^ Same , its a awesome effect.

I discovered this effect by accident! :smiley:
I just saw new effect tools and decided to test them.

That’s generally how most people find out new styles like this.

not that cool…well i ont like it…im more a grungy person when i can use a real program…

bwhahaha i p00n i got psp + photoshop
:slight_smile: nice effect tornado swear hurricane
gets slapped

Awesome effect, nice find :slight_smile:
sickmate 8)

what program is tat?

Awesome… just amazing. :o

holy very nice