Kalphite Clause

Someone requested that i make this. Please rate it one through ten.

yay u did mine 10/10

wow thats not bad i like it 9/10

i gave him idea and some one finally did it

Its Pretty Good.


i love it 15/10 :smiley: :lol:

anyone else like kalphite claus?

yes brother, very nice. You should have done the tree eating the kitten!!

i did but it did not look so good, brother

See the black lines around the santa hat? Take them out and i would give it 9/10

lol, i noticed that after i posted, and was too lazy to redo it, but i will do it in a few moments
edit: here it is, wow, it makes it look a LOT better

A well deserved 9/10.

Great picture! 10/10

i gave u a grate idea didnt i

yea, you did jeremy

i have been asking ppl for it a long time and u finally did it ty

no problem at all

u changed ur sign

Nice job… 10/10