Kalphite queen: revised

Kalphite Trip: Revised Plan

This revised version of our plan was made to replace the previous one, which was full of holes and did not inform as well as it should have.

Anyone participating should be aware that this trip will require you to come fully prepared, as the queen will not be easily defeated unless we have a good coordination and knowledge of what moves to take and when. This is intended to detail all parts of the trip, including battle plans, item requirements, and other information.

Requirements: all team members should know how difficult this plan can be without the right items. Bringing mage, ranger, or warrior specific items would help very well. The following list details what each type of fighter should bring.

All team members should have: 18-20 swordfish, but preferably sharks. A life ring worn at all times! Full armor for their fighting style (melee, ranging, or maging), 3-6 prayer potions and 1-3 anti poisons, and 1 super-set.

All mages will need: 16-18 swordfish, but preferably sharks. Full maging clothes, a staff/battle staff, any runes used for your highest level spells, 1-2 anti-poisons, a life ring worn at all times, 3-6 prayer potions, and one super-set if available.

All rangers will need: 16-18 swordfish, but preferably sharks. Full ranging armor of your highest available grade. 400+ of your best arrows, (lower grades acceptable), your best bow,1-3 prayer potions, a life ring worn at all times, 3-6 prayer potions, and one super-set if available.

All melee fighters will need: 20 swordfish, but
sharks are preferable( no less than 20!!!), 2-3 anti-poisons, 2-3 prayer potions, full rune armor, a dragon weapon, a life ring worn at all times, and a super-set if available.

Participants: the top number of participants to join in the trip has been set at 19. The roster has been filled, sorry to anyone who could not join. If team members currently signed up cannot make the date of the trip, there may be open spots to others.
Current team roster:

Bloodyshado (XGod-chaserX)
Icedearth15324 (If he can get on)
Chuck Amuck

Battle plans:
The following maps detail our plans once inside the queen’s lair, anyone who has notyet seen these should take a look!
(map 1)
(map 2)
(map 3)

our main objective is to kill the queen, and hope that she drops a dragon chain, which would give each of us over 1million gp. Since that’s almost too much to hope for, we will stay for as long as we can and kill her more than once if necessary. The spoils will of course be divided evenly, but only to those who did not die during the battle, those who did not flee via teleportation, or those who sat in wait for the queen to be defeated by the other team members. If some members run out of items, they may leave to get more, but must return and continue fighting if they wish to receive a slice of the spoils. It may seem unfair, but this will show who put forth the most effort. If our sought after chain is dropped, only the player who has done the most damage to the queen will be able to see it, and if/when they do, an immediate leave should be taken to insure that the prize isn’t lost fumbling around with her ever present level.141 gaurds. Teleporting is strongly advised after our victory.

The Queen: At first glance, this giant bug may seem invincible. With two very formidable forms, each using protection from different attack styles and protected by poisonous fanged guardians, we will be in for quite a battle. Even being the highest leveled and most dangerous NPC in the game, she does have her weak points, which this section intends to address. Some important things to know about the queen include; her first form using protection from magic and range, and her second form, which flies, using protect from melee. This means that team members using melee style attacks should begin the fight with her, while rangers, mages, and cannon manners wait ready for her next form. Immediately after her first form is down, mages and rangers will move in. Her attacks are usually powerful swipes and magic-like spells. This means that all team members should have protect from mage on at all times. prayer levels deplete quickly when using protection prayers, so prayer potions will be needed(see above paragraph: “requirements”)

Regarding cannons: The Kalphite, along with some other high level NPC’s such as KBD, have the ability to destroy cannons. While they will be ruined, you can obtain another, free of charge, from Nulodion who resides outside of the dwarves’ mine. Anyone in possession of a cannon is encouraged to bring one along, as we will need all the fire power we can get, besides that, there isn’t any real danger in it being destroyed.

Regarding food: make a notice to either XGod-chaserX or Tideofwrath if you do not currently have the right amount of food, it is imperative that everyone have enough to last!!!

I’m defianately in

I can do either of the 3 things except I dont have a cannon.

I am 88 combat, 73 mage and 72 range. You decide what I do

i would come but cant afford a cannon at the moment. no runes or arrows lol im so poor

I’ll raise my magic up 2 levels real quick, sign me up ;p

Awesome. Cannon is no longer mandatory as it is unfeasable for some people. It is optional, but preferred. If you have lower magic or range you can still come. Its just those are what we NEED.

Juicy, we still need warriors. If you’re willing to risk armor and weapon you should come. We need warriors for it’s first form.

add me i will bring as many swordies i can get and a few of my friends but i dont know if i can get on by then

im in but im a warrior

Ok well bring sharks and good luck… Warriors have to kill the first form, then its all range and mage…

Count me in. Im borrowing my friends rune stuff and his drag sword so i can help kill the kahiblite.

P.S. My friend osbourn333 would also like to come

I’ll try to come. I’ll either be a warrior or a ranger or both. I dont have a cannon tho and i dont really feel like buying one. But i’ll try to be there.

I’ll try and come along, I’m a warrior as well and easily provide my own food.

The maximum number is 15. That means we have 4 spots left.

Some of you are only choosing one type of combat. I am going to melee the first form, then range the second. That’s my plan.

i may buy a cannon for the trip…

Yea im doin melee and mage (even though im not 65)

Ya, i’ll come as melee and range i guess. Also what does the kq hit with? Magic or range forst form? Last time i went i couldn’t decide to put on protect from magic or range. It looked like i was getting hit by both.

Also:Participants need to be aware that they should bring these items, as they will be vital in our victory: Prayer potions, super-sets, sharks, life rings, swordfish, and anti poison

Dont you need anti-poisin. It would help you giving you a little more hp.

Good idea… anti poison as well!

ok u kno what just for u ill come i havet decided what to do yet. if i get enough time ill come probably mage but im gonna need to gather cash to buy mass runes