kbdkc3000's wall of kills.

this is a wok (wall of kills) i started today.

ill add to it every time i get another kill lol.

lol! U killed sport? Thats great!

haha yea i did.

U hum it was a friendly fight… He just kinda owned me caus hes 92 combat and a sweet ranger :wink: That other guy you killed though was funny.

Thats just cause you suck Sporty boy! lolololool

jk jk, and after you get ur wall up, ill kill you in a duel and then ur wall becomes mine lol muahahhahahah

Compared to him I suck lol I was wearing robes and him full black dragonhide


nice… i wanna be a pker but im not very good combat. im more of a smither/miner

you had protect from melee on and you went down the ladder lol, i dident think i killed you.

Sounds to me like somebody is making excuses…



What can I say :smiley:

Nice idea… If the pic was smaller, you should add it to your sig… But nice idea… Man, I wish I could start a Wall of Kills but I’m too much of a scaredy cat to risk losing things in the wildy…

sports was a bit scared at first (bless his little cotton socks) lol, but nothing bad happened when we went pking in members. (he likes f2p pking)

everytime i go pking in members i get owned by those dang rangers with there black dragon hide and and there stupid rune arrows…curse them…

i hope to be there soon… J/k hey kbdkc3000 you on?

ill add you to it if you want demon :wink:

i cant see the wok

lol u only killed 2

Kbdc 123 something ( i cant remember numbers sorry ) Add me, Ill pk lata when i hit 97 cmbt.

k i can see the wall now

Birjel made my point exactly! I get owned either by lvl 100’s who hit 30’s on me with their longs or rangers who hit 20’s with their rapid fire…