¿Ketchup? or ¿Mustard?

Which will it be? We shall wait and see. If you like both pick your favorite.

… Ketchup!

Mustard… yuck.

Lol, this is a really random poll…Ketchup got my vote :wink:

I like my hot dogs plain.

Mustard, I prefer it over Tomato Sauce.

~ ewok

I agree with Sela. Except for the yuck part about Mustard. Mustard is ok. Except for the name…

Mr. Ketchup Got my vote.

BBQ pwns both

Mustard!!! SWEETZ!

But bbq wasn’t an option now was it my short friend?

this is a very weird thread to make but…ketsup

I like both but Ketchup wins. :slight_smile:

Poor mustard…

Mustard wont “Ketchup” in the votes…

Mustard is too spicy for some foods except pretzels. Ketchup is good with everything. Even though I haven’ tried it on everything.

But neither is an option isn’t it my turkey homework avvy eater friend :P?

LOL Good one, and he’s eating a sandwitch…

Maybe you can combine Mustard with Ketchup and it will make Mustup or Ketchtard.

I know it wasnt, hence why i posted and not voted :smiley:

Neither. I hate condiments.

Lol Catchtard…Thats funny. And Ketchup still Rox my Sox!