kevin's buddys

i will be having a buddy shop here on the realm tell me what u want and i iwill make em first 3 are free and the rest 5 k

do u need any help wiv da shop?

sure if u want if u no how to make a button for me then yes

soz i dont no how to make buttons but im good at making buddies

ok ok ask wacko375 if he could help with the button

ok ive sesnt a private message to him asking if he will and how much it would cost

do u do sigs as well? if you do make sigs cud u plz make one like this:

Blue background with flames… red font saying: Zamarock Will Destroy All!..

cud u plz make me 1 a green and yellow background with a budgie on the left hand side and it sez budgieman123 owned ya!! on the side plz :):):):):):):slight_smile:

kevin do u want me to make these