I just recovered my account and i am not sure if i got rid of the keylogger from which i lost it. Please help me solve this problem.

i am not helping u ur a cheater

I did not know autotyper were cheating.

yes u r not that bright r u

Quit flaming others when you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed eaither jeremy.

To make sure you don’t have a keylogger, use an anti-virus program and preferably an adware searcher as well. You can get a good one called ad-aware 6 at

but only bad ppl use key loggers

But not everyone knows that macroers contain them. Some people just hear about them while playing and want to check it out.

whats that

Yeah i have done all that it is just that some keyloggers are deeper rooted into the system. I want to make sure it is gone.So it does not affect my MBR.

Jeremy, for someone that made fun of someone else for doing something slightly stupid, you aren’t too bright. A macroer is something that does stuff for you. Like an autominer or autotyper or something like that. As long as you do all those things I said, and do regular scans like everyday or so, you should be ok. Talk to hockeyav for more help on how to keep your pc clean.

o ok i ant verry good in english class