Keyser520 is hiring a PARTNER

I am looking for a couple trustworthy people to be my partners. I want to buy everything, but I’m not able to be on as much as I used to. (I am spending a lot of time on dates, swing dancing, doing stuff with church, and soon I will starting karate again). What I need is for someone who is on a lot to buy things throughout the day (at my prices) and then sell to me at night. I would like somoene who can buy 500k - 1000k worth of items a day. As you all know, I have enough cash to support this kind of purchasing. I will still get on when I can do use my skillz and make more money to keep this going. I really want 85 crafting and 99 smithing…so I need TONS of stuff.

You all know what I buy. I will pay whoever is a partner quite well. I’m thinking that you could make 50-100k a DAY… What I was thinking is tat you’d buy all the stuff I want (ores, bars, gems, hides, bowstrings, etc) and that I will pay you a 10% fee on everything, ON TOP of reimbursing the purchase price.

Please apply below. State the times you can be on, how much you can buy a day, and why I should hire YOU.

i cud do that im usally on all day keyser as u no an u shud hire me coz im a gud friend ov urs

I would like to apply for this position. I can be on monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday from 3:30 pm (maybe earlier) to around 6:30-7:00 pm EST time. On Tuesdays I can be on from 4:30 pm (maybe earlier) to 6:30-7:00 pm EST time. I can buy around 2.4 mil worth of items. I should be hired because I’m cool 8) . Lol, and also because I can go on rs for a long period of time. I am trustworthy, you ask all_i_need. He traded me his santa to try on, and I gave it back. I hope I get the position! :smiley:

I could easily do this job and afford the however much it is a day. Talk to me in-game if you want me to do it. I am trustworthy as you can see by my position and am on most of the time unless im in school.

The bit about the santa hat is true. He even let me try it on and I gave it back. So I’m cool 8) but I’m a poor poor man and don’t meet all the requirements. Both Infiltrator4 and Sportfreak56 are great people and IF I was you I wouldn’t be able to choose.

I think I will hire all of you for now. And decide on the permanent assistant (or two) based on who is able to get me the most consitently. Start work now :slight_smile:

So when someone tells me they want to sell me something just go and buy it pretty much? If so sounds easy enough.

yes. when someone is selling something on the forums for the prices that i pay, simply buy it. if you get a cheaper deal than what i pay, then but it and you get a higher profit.

i will pay you for the items based on my listed prices and then add a 10% bonus.

feel free to post in my stickies when somoene says they are selling. simply say “meet me at world xx, i’m buying for keyser”.

then sell it back to me for the 10 percent profit. easy way to make money for you. easy wasy for me to ge the items i need since i can’t be on all the time.

if you need a refresher on the prices, simply check my stickies in every market

Okay, then. I’ll start working on it!

hello people i need sum1 2 answer a question 4 me

how do i make a signatue i got a sig

Apperently its up dere

100k a day? thats not much especially for buying 1 mil worth of items. If you decide to raise that price i might consider.

PS are you only hiring one person or multiple people?
PPS if you do raise that price pm me and ill apply

lol i no why flopter dont thing im trust worthly lol!

the offer is fixed at 10%. If i go higher than that, I’ll run out of money too fast…

A 10% profit is huge if you think about it. All you do is buy stuff and then sell to me to take ever 100 gp you have and make it into 110. I’d say it’s generous. As I think the people I’ve partnered with will agree. I currently have three partners. I will stick to that number unless someone posts an incredibly persuading reason why I need a forth.

I’d also like to ask for everyone (including the existing partners) to post their time zone. I am very willing to have enough partners so that I have at least one person on buyign stuff for me 24-7… i.e. if I have people from different timezones, they can be on at different times and then I can always have raw materials coming in.

When I get my levels to where I want them (full rune smithing, full crafting of everything), I will also give my partners great deals on these items…

Can I be a fourth partner, I’m Pacific time zone, And I want to work for you keyser!!! I’m your friend, lol! Can I be a partner?

I am in the eastern timezone of the us, in other words at this moment it is 6:30.

I think you are trustworthy, I just would choose infiltrator4 or sportfreak56 over you if I had the choice. You have to admit that past actions have shaped my choice.

how much money do you actually have anyway keyser?

i’ve always wondered that

btw, i would apply for the job and would be great at the buying , but i dont think i’m on rs enough to keep it going, maybe during the summer with less work and everything

red… you’re number 4. we’ll see how well this work over one weeks time. if all goes well, i’ll keep 4 partners. if some of them aren’t working out, i’ll open up the apps again.

jed…net worth was about 40 mil last time i checked

hey keyser, how do u get your money??

40mill is a hell of a lot so how do u make money?

Ill be a partner…

i have around 700k and i got around 200k of stuff to sell(like addy junk)
since im a non member i get bord so i can stand in 1 spot saying “buying (bla bla bla)”
I am trustworthy. i know 5 of my friends passwords and never gone on their accounts. i once borrowed 200k of some1 when i was hacked and payed it back when i ernt the money.

I am able to be on quite alot during the holidays and soon i will be able to go on quite often (school holidays so no assignments).

Also i just found i had a really good pic making software so i can improve the banners at the top of the market posts.

PS. Rsn is dragon__pro (with 2 spaces)