Keyser520--not very well known

Here’s proof

1 abbreviated word - lol. You’ve held on the market forums tightly, but your reputation is slipping. Bwahaha!

~ ewok

Hehe sorry but it’s true…

…well…i forgot… oh i know! i was gonna say…oops i lost it i’ll be back

Walk into a bathroom and both of your shit smells the same, so who cares. :roll:

o0o0oo0o0 u said a cuss word:P Jk, keyser is still well known guys…

Thats hard to beleive he doesn’t know who you are. What an idiot.

^^You read my mind…^^

yeah, my rep is slipping… that’s cuz i’m spening about 1/100th of the time as i used to on rs.

ur cancelling the classes this week?!?!?!?! thats fucked up man! :evil:
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Wow, that was one huge spam lol.

Why do people just add you like that?

i dont’ know, but i took my email off of rsr.

and yes, classes are cancelled this week. sorry, i can’t help it. i simply dont’ have time. real life has to come before rs

Who are you talking to?

Work harder at it I guess. Buy more stuff( can you?) lol. :lol:

whos Keyser520?? JUST JOKING
wow i would think most people on RSR would know people over 1000 posts…10 to go dez :wink:

Don’t call him an idiot just because he doesn’t know who Keyser is. That’s like calling a noob that just started RS an idiot for now knowing who Zezima was. He was probably exadurating when he said he went on a lot, maybe just for the (incorret!) calculators or something else.

~ ewok

ummm… honestly keyser ur skills aren’t that high, i’m not surprised also u don’t lead a clan or are number 1 on high scores. (no ofense) if i wasn’t on rsr i would have no clue who u were either.

I’m so new it’s not even funny but even I know who Keyser520 is…

You see him everywhere in Market forums!

It’s either that guy is lying or he exagerates rrrrreeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyy good!

ummm… yeah but i don’t look on markets all i really do is pk (on castoo)