Keyser520's Rune Armor and Weapons Store


rune axes (for wood cutting) at 20k each
rune battle axe 53k
rune scimmy 30k
rune halberd 100k
rune legs 55k
rune kite 55k

COMBO deals
full rune with kite for 220k
full rune with no kite for 200k

i have 5-20 of each item in stock. Post your orders here. Please post in the following format:

runescape name, quantity and name of items you want, what time zone you are in, and what times you can be online to trade

I can usually only trade from 430 PM to 630 PM PST on Weekdays OR on Sundays

I will reply with a time that we can meet to trade.

Well looking at the prices im guessing you do a lot of merchanting. I mean full rune with kite is 220k but without its 200k? without would sell for bout 50k less. and 53K for battle axes. Is this how you make your money? I bet it is. I bet it is yes it is it is isnt it yep i got it.

i guess you lagged out or something, im still in edgeville world 35 with 163k waiting to buy rune legs kite and b axe

Can i buy full rune with kite please 220k cash?

nolty, your math needs some serious help. If you have ever tried buying full rune with kite in Varrock, for example, you’ll notice that most players pay 250k or so for it.

mizz blonde, yes you can. I can be on at 430 pm PST today. Does that work for you?

i buy rune legs ok? 4 50k pls!!! im just lvl 62 rsn:wen yong0

well i dont excatly like keyser anymore, he keeps buting into my sales and telling people its a bad deal. so ill say htis, half these prices are outrages, 250k for full rune, u gotta be kidding me. guys go to world 1 and there u can buy for 200k. what a joke

Lol…thanks Xball. I love ya too!!!

If you noticed, it’s full rune WITH KITE for 220k, and full rune for 200k. Try READING next time you are going to make a jab at me.

KEYSER SELL ME rune fulls w kite ok???

im in time zone… 3+ gmt I think, but I cant say for sure when im on, so could ya add me???

garad, it will have to be on sunday as we are currently 11 hours apart.

lol i know, i must have been ripped then cause i sold full rune wiht kite for 200k. yikes thats 20k

I sell all my full runes at that

OK, apparently you can find full runes with kite for 200k each. So I’m charing 20k too much for them… . so sue me ! :wink:

Hmm… I’m after a rune weapon, longsword probably, but just any rune weapon (Except bow or mace or axe or pickaxe).

What could I get for 150 iron ore, and 12k coins?

ill buy a rune axe (woodcutting one)

Name: Rabid Moo497 (Same as my account name here)
Want: One Rune Axe for 20k
Timezone: Eastern
Trade Times: All the time… like right now as im posting this

but keyser, i spent my money for coal (i no stupid me) but i thin k that i’ll get 220 k very quickly. Indeed, I almost got them already.

But I cant say when Im on, you’ll just hav to add me and trade when both r on, is it ok for you?

alright, i’ll buy 1 rune scimitar. RSN: Jinpanchi … and i’m on all the time lol :wink:

guys don’t bust on keyser…although, i can get full rune for 185k if i buy it in pieces…

I may just discountinue this thread. People don’t like my prices… I"m going to go sell all my rune stuff in world one, so odds aer I won’t have anything left to sell here…

hey keyser520 can i buy a rune battle axe right now? just message me in game when you want to sell. my rs name is bubblebude2.