Keyser520's sig contest

THere are so many people offering free signatures…

I am going to offer 50k (up to 100k if it is really really cool) to the person who can come up with the best signature for me.

there is ONLY a winner if a design is absolutely amazing In other words, if 10 people post, and none of them blows me away, then no one wins. By the same token, if only 2 people post, but one of those is amazing, then that person gets 100k

Ok, I’m in. Do you want a stat sig or just a sig…Are there any styles you like or dislike?

Do you want it to be like your price guide?

i really don’t know what i’m lookign for. if somethign strikes me as <dang that’s awesome> then i’ll use it. I don’t want anything too big. I’l be making another price guide of my own in a bit probably.

You can also submit avatars for me as well.

There ya go, click it and it will go to ur “Hardc0re1 and keyser520 are buying everything” topic :smiley:

EDIT: oops, i forgot the code its,

<a href=" "><img src=""/></a>

Cool the sig looks like an iron bar! well it does to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah good job Dragon Pro :slight_smile: Here is my entry, it can easily be changed if you like.

Theres my sig…

hows this? tell me if u want any changes

i just made a modification to my first 1 and here it is!

and the code is

<a href=" "><img src=""/></a>

id say this sig is ok but tha fact is its to hard to read and its to fast 5/10 for effort

Ohh ohh wait for me!

Fine fine hows this 1!

link for it is

<a href=" "><img src=""/></a>

my entry!~

oh dang i cant do any better then that! oh well ive probably lost now :frowning: i cant do any better then that on paint…oh well :cry:

im soz… ill give you someIF i win

yours was good but you could of done better cropping the image… next time zoom in and crop :wink:

Here’s my ‘attempt’…

good work jacob and dragon pro, i guess we all deserve this since we all contributed our time. say 1mill ea :lol: JK

lol i wish, i just got scammed and lost 900k worth of stuff (well 4 sets of full rune which i was selling for 225k each :cry: ) so yea…i wish…

Fantasy, yours is currently my favorite. I’ve noticed that there is some text written in the background that I can’t quite make out. what does it say?

Dragon, I like the buys almost anything and the motion to make it stand out.

I may hire you to make a picture to post in each of my stickies in the market forums…or to make a smaller image to add to my signature (under fantasy’s if he’s the winner), that can be used to advertise a link to each of the market stickies…any ideas?