kids these days....

well today, i went to the park and to the community center pool…

at the park, i had this conversation with some 8,9 or 10 year old kid(im 11)

him: hi
him:hi retart

no need to say anything about it…

u kno those little tube thingies that float? this kid at the pool kept on trying to get my blue floatie(i was collecting floaties since i was bored), he was jumping up on me, kicking me, until i finally got on the stairs, and threw the floatie out of the water, and i came out… for some odd reason, he didnt follow…

crazy kids 0.0…

dam hooligans
anyway, ive had a kid do that at the pool when it was me and my friend, he was in the water following me and kicking me
i got so pissed that i just grabbed his head and push it under water and held it, than i brought him back up and said “You going to leave me alone?”
he said “No loser”
so i held him under again, he went kinda crazy and i let him up again and said it again…than he agreed. moreal is, u gatta show them whos bos

man, i try to be nice to little kids but they think that im a loser since i wear glasses, then i just take them down…

The other day i was walking home from a friends house, and i walked past a grade school, and I heard him yelling at me, i turned to look and the little kids goes “whats up loser? wanna fight?”

so i was like “whatever…whispernoobwhisper[okay, you got me, the last part about me saying noob isnt real…]”

but then he starts kicking rocks at me, so i said “If you wanna fight you fat lard then get out here, or stop showing off you big *****…”

then he goes “yeah? well, wheres the exit?”

I pointed right at it and even walked to it…

then he goes like so…
“I can’t find it… You lied! Your just scared!!”

… i was even standing right next to it… so i called him a fat lard and walked off…

Woot, that’s the way to do it…

I’m buffing up in weightlifting to own kids at the pool… Woot!

Hmm, Why does Goku-Dinky+ have a + next to his name?

pfft, should have just waited for him to walk home…than got him there

It’s a phase. No, really, it is. Kids just think being immature jerks makes them cool. They’ll grow up eventually.

I now reference Bill Paxton’s character, Private Hudson, from Aliens, as evidence that some kids actually don’t grow up.

ugh…dam…kids with their…music

fo serious though. i blame the parents

kids these days? you still are one :\

how does music have something to do with this?

everyone blames the parents…
for example:

you steal some $1 chocalate, what do u say?

you steal a 2 million dollar ferrari. what do u say?

i don’t blame my parents I blame bill gates just because he is rich and he gets more money taking a shower than you will get in your life time lol

your parents raise you. and when you are little, u are very impresionable because you dont know your boundries and limits. which is why kids act out

furthermore, the music thing is from family guy…

My own grade one buddy (im like his mentor have to welcome him to skool and all this ~ teachers make us) gets sticks from the tree chases me and starts wipping me, once he cut brandons leg! O and he smells real bad!

O.o Calm down dear…the kid wants a reaction, if you just ignored him his little brain would soon get tired.