Killing greaters for people!!!!!

I am killing greaters if the people supply me with arrows i will get kill greaters and give u the reward from it also i need around 1k arrows then i will kill for around 30 mins!!! :twisted: I will do it for any1 as long as i get 100gp per greater i kill i should be able to kill 30 greaters with 1k arrows and i can use upto addy so the better the more i can kill and i will give u the left over if u only want me to kill a certain number!!!

  1. Nicko265 :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds like a scam to me and + i dont understand what u r talking about any way

(Ahem) Cough Scam Cough (Ahem)

nice try buddy…
plus why would we want someone else to kill greaters for us?
sickmate 8)

I don’t want arrows i am buying 5k on another forum plus in the game i have 12k so i don’t need arrows and the greaters never drop much that is valubale all they dropped for me was coins upto 300 in 1 drop and steel 2h and sometimes other weak things and u can even watch over me if u don’t beleive me i really want to kill greaters i only need to kill 30 and i will be lvl 40 range so plz give me a go and i have never even scamed some1 even though i have had plenty of chances but i have never scammed some1 before cause i don’t want to get band so i will kill the greaters and give u what ever they drop except clue scrolls u can say whether i keep them or drop them and i will do wat u say!!!

Plz give me a go nicko265 :twisted: 8) :frowning:

whether if this is a scam or not i dont know but either way its in the wrong forum